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  Supplies for the lesson



Cardstock paper for making templates (any paper is fine, cardstock is just heavier and more durable)

Sharp scissors

Ruler with centimeters


26g white paper covered or cloth covered wire (20 pieces)

18g white paper covered or cloth covered wire (8 pieces)

Wire cutters (scissors will work but will dull your blade; if you need to use scissors find an old pair you don't mine dulling)


Lime Pulp

Olive Green


Green Leaf


Clear school glue, the kind you find at a big-box store in the back-to-school or office section. I have learned that the recent "slime" craze among kids has made this product more readily available as parents rush to buy the main ingredient of the "slime". It's just clear glue!


Jar lids or little pots to organize all templates and wires

Towel to wipe off excess glue

Alcohol and cotton balls to clean glue from tools after lesson