Part 7. Brand simple

Logos are so important, I am sharing what I consider a cost-saving tip for your logo so you can move forward in becoming a profitable paper flower powerhouse. Logos inform the public and should be reproducible on a small and large scale. Here is how I handled the logo step in becoming a paper florist.

I used Squarespace Free Logo Maker and Canva Free version to create my current logo. It's nice not to spend money if it can be done (by me) with a little sweat equity. That is an idiom that means you do the work yourself, teaching yourself how through research and trial and error, saving money in the process and investing in your own education.

Sweat equity requires fortitude, patience, creativity, and interdependence. I am fortunate to have a network of creative people to ask for help when I need it. You may consider me one of those people for you.

Of course, you can come up with a nice logo that is not text. You can hire someone, draw one, design one with a computer, or whatever you like!

In my case, I needed to inexpensively establish my brand identity. I found the most effective and inexpensive way to translate this was through a simple text logo.

Why are text logos so simple and yet so effective? Fonts do a lot of work without us even realizing it. Different typefaces tell us different stories because we have been conditioned through time and marketing to associate fonts with products and services. 

Pick a font that resonates with you and your customers! This font will represent your logo until you decide to change it. 

Here are some ways to think about choosing your font.

  • If your brand is for young moms, look at other brands that cater to that age group and see what fonts they use.
  • If your brand is for stylists and decorators, identify what fonts represent that space in the market.
  • If you are unsure of who your customer is, or who you are making flowers for, ask yourself: if I had the ideal commission what would it look like? What text conveys that I am this type of artist? This sort of visualization helps you understand how to market your work.

Don’t overthink your text logo. You need a simple starting place to tell your story. Try copying and pasting your business name in a new file and trying a new font with each one. You will find a text logo that works for you. 

Once you have an idea for what font to use for your logo, it’s time to finalize your brand identity.

Making a logo out of text is a simple shortcut to start a brand identity. However, there is a bit more to consider in this process. You create a brand identity to align every single thing you do to represent your brand and your customer. So, as you look at what makes you, you-ask yourself, who do I create for? This will help you cut through all the noise that is out there in the maker market.