Part 8. Brand consistently

People will ask you to do craft fairs. People will ask you what your Etsy is. What is fundamental in this step is establishing who you are and who you work for so that there is never any confusion and your path is clear.

  • Decide on what you want to be known for and how it will look; this is part of your brand identity.
  • Your website is where your brand lives and is the home of your branded content.
  • Create content that reflects your brand identity and put it on your website and then push it to other platforms.
  • Use the same profile picture and tagline on every platform.
  • Use the same font and logo on every platform.
  • Be consistent.

When I first started, I didn’t have a website. I just knew my name was Florabeane and that my work was made to order for artists and tastemakers to elevate their own work and lifestyle. My first text logo was fun, but did not represent that artist and tastemaker. So I started again and came up with something more representative. I started creating images and ideas that reflected my customer and my brand. 

For me, going to craft fairs or creating a stock or product options on Etsy was not representative of my brand, and it didn’t fit my life, my space, or my workflow. As my business grew, so did my understanding of my brand. I am a fine artist interpreting nature, presented as botanically realistic paper sculpture, gorgeous photography, and outcomes-based fine art instruction. 

Ask yourself: who are you?

Who do you gravitate towards online? What are your friends like? What brands do you feel good about? What thought leaders make you stop and listen?

Don't try to be anyone other than yourself, and your vision will emerge with time spent researching within. Know thyself...envision the brand you want to become.

Name, logo, brand identity...It’s a lot to do. Go slow.