examples :: part 3

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All wrapped up and ready to ship 😍 I promised myself no new flowers until these were ready to go!

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My first iteration of my brand name on a photo! It was such an exciting feeling.

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I did it! My first free paper flower tutorial is now complete for making your own daff! If you want it send me a DM and I will be happy to send it to you via email. Five pages, 13 steps, all photography my own. Enjoy!!

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Almost immediately I changed the font to a less-crafty style and more-classic style.

Flower and Jane Logo .png

My current brand name and logo. I used Squarespace Free Logo Maker and Canva Free version to create these graphics. I don't spend money if it can be done by me with a little sweat equity. That is an idiom that means you do the work yourself, teaching yourself how through research and trial and error, saving money in the process and investing in your own education. Sweat equity requires fortitude, patience, creativity, and interdependence.